About zakat


Lessons from zakat, among others

Subtracting the gap between those who were with the poor.
Helping those who fought and preached in Allah exalt sentences.
Clean and scrape the bad character
Cleaning tools and guarding the treasure of the evil greed.
Expresion of gratitude for the blessings that Allah SWT give
For the development of human effort
Give moral force to the people who are new to Islam
Add to revenues for projects useful to the Ummah.



overview of zakat

zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. zakat means "to grow and multiply". can also mean blessing, clean, pure, fertile and flourishing. Can we take the conclusion that we as Muslims have been ordained by God Almighty to remove the charity.

Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam which has certainly known in religious teachings. He who practice regular charity, then he's free from the taklif (loading) in the word, safe from the punishment of the Hereafter, and  reward according to levels of honesty and sincerity. Zakat is a term something (which is part of the rights of God) given one to someone else deserving. Wordship is called zakat because in it againt the expectations of blessings, cleansings, cleansing the soul, and its development with the virtues

Benefits zakat

When the soul has been cleansed of exessive tendency towards the treasure, then someone will be able to breathe with a life full of peace, and give absolute obedience to Allah SWT. They are the ones who receive God's grace be the worry and the removal of grief, as revealed in the Qur'an 

( 1 ) First, as a manifestation of belief in Allah Almigty, ingratitude towards him, cultivate noble character with ahigh sense of humanity, eliminating stingy nature, greedy and materialistic, grow calm life, as well as clean up and develop the property.

( 2 ) Second, the charity work to help, assist and nurture them, especially the poor, toward abetter life and more prosperous, so they can meet their needs properly, can pray to Allah SWT, avoid the dangers of infidelity, while eliminating the nature of envy that might arise from among them, when they saw the rich who have enought wealth. zakat is not actually just meet the needs of mustahik, especially the poor, the consumtive nature in a moment, but provide sufficiency and prosperity to them, by getting rid of or minimise the causes of their life to be poor and suffer.

(3) Third, as a pillar of charity joint between the rich and the affluent life of the mujahid that all of his time used to strive in the path of Allah, who because of his work, he did not have the time and opportunity to strive and endeavor

How to zakat

1. The pure intention before the regular charity, giving alms to the genuine and sincere and
zakat is done only for Allah.
zakat must be appropriate targets and actually one of those who receive zakat money.
3. Ensuring people - people close to give
zakat mustahiq
4. Giving alms to the polite words to the recipient.
zakat exert on time

In principle, justified by Islamic law if the person who directly provide their own
zakat tithe to the mustahiq with the terms of the criteria mustahiq in line with the word Allah in the letter of At-Tauba: 60.
However, in line with the word of God and also based on the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad, would be better, if it is channeled through the amil
zakat. zakat is trustworthy, responsible, and trustworthy. This is so that the distribution of zakat was right on target while avoiding the accumulation of zakat in particular mustahiq we know it.

zakat Calculation Formulas Fitrah

zakat Fitrah per person = 3.5 x the price of rice in the market per liter
Example: The price of rice or a local staple foods that we usually eat and worth of consumption at the average market price of Rp. 10.000, - then the
zakat fitra to be paid every person capable of amounting to Rp. 35.000, -
If you calculate in terms of weight pengalinya is 2.5 x the price of rice or a local staple food ingredient per kilogram.

zakat Calculation Formulas Profession / Occupation

zakat Profession = 2.5% x (Total Revenue - Payment of Debt / Installment)
zakat nisab Profession = 520 x price per kg of rice market

The spirit of giving alms to the need

It does not taste good when we are in a state all-sufficiency and food all over ..... while the other still in a state of deprivation and hunger
Let us give alms

wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh